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To: Prime Minister Theresa May

We demand the new blue UK passport is made in Britain to support UK jobs

Reverse the passport printing decision, and safeguard jobs at De La Rue.

Why is this important?

After years of our passports being made in Britain, the government has now decided that the UK’s new blue passport will be made in France. This decision has put hundreds of British jobs at risk, at print company De La Rue.

This would not happen in France, where they produce their own passports in the interests of national security and it should not happen in the UK.

De La Rue is the UK’s leading security printer making bank notes as well as passports, sustaining thousands of decent jobs in the UK. The company is more than capable of producing the UK’s post-Brexit blue passports.

The government can’t try to hide behind EU procurement law. They took this decision and can just as easily reverse it.

Unite, the GMB and the Daily Mirror are calling on the Prime Minister to reverse this decision and support British business and UK workers. Please add your name now.

Reasons for signing

  • Should be made in Britain, only to save a bit of money. we should be trying to make everything ourselves instead of another country.
  • British passports should b made in Britain. Good symbol of Brexit
  • British passports should be made in Britain - not France. Litt bit obvious but hardly going you be secure or not open to missuse.


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Have you seen the Daily Mirror today? If you didn't read it yet, here's their article about the passports and the campaign to protect the UK jobs that are involved in making them

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