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To: UK Members of the European Parliament

Stop CETA, TTIP’s dangerous cousin

This petition has now ended - thank you to everyone who signed. We've now presented the petition to MEPs in Brussels and will continue to campaign against CETA - read more here:

The EU-Canada trade deal CETA will allow foreign investors to sue governments in secret tribunals for policies that threaten their profits. Members of the European Parliament will vote soon on whether to accept the deal. Our MEPs must understand that the huge public anger voiced around the EU-US TTIP deal hasn't gone away. They should reject the dangerous and undemocratic CETA.

Why is this important?

It's one year since Canada and the EU agreed a trade deal known as CETA (the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement).

CETA hasn’t entered into law yet – first it needs to be voted through European and national parliaments – but this could happen as soon as early next year. This is much sooner than the EU-US trade deal TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership), which is still being negotiated.

The text of CETA is public and reveals that it contains a lot of the same threats as TTIP. It would make it easier for bad deals like TTIP to be successful. This is why, when CETA comes to the European Parliament, we need our MEPs to vote against it.

Reasons to stop CETA include:

– The agreement contains Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS), which allows foreign investors to sue governments for policies they regard as threatening future profits. This could include minimum wage policies, environmental protection, and renationalising public transport, health and education services.

– US investors with bases in Canada will be able to sue our governments for billions too – so they wouldn’t need TTIP's ISDS to do damage. 80% of US companies operating in the EU have bases in Canada.

– CETA contains no such provisions for workers’ rights: no compensation, no enforcement, and certainly no secret tribunals!

The majority of the public in Canada are opposed to ISDS provisions in CETA and other aspects of the deal, while unions in Canada, Britain and across the EU reject CETA. On 19 October there will be an election in Canada which is likely to result in a government that is more sceptical of CETA.

We need MEPs in Europe to respond to public concerns and oppose the deal. Please sign up and share this petition with as many people as possible.

Reasons for signing

  • If there are few or no restraints then some businesses will implement practices to the detriment of workers they employ. Being able to sue our government will also restrict true democracy, and result in ordinary people paying more taxes to recompense those who successfully sue.
  • People are more important than profits to largely benefit the few.
  • We are passed the time when we needed trade deals to enable international trade.


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We've created a second handy guide to the acronyms - please share it:

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CETA, TTIP, TISA, TPP ... confused? Check out this handy guide to the acronyms:

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