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To: Bill Borrett, Chair of Norfolk County Council Adult Social Care Committee

Save Burman House Residential Care Home

Message from Jonathan Dunning, Branch Secretary, UNISON Norfolk County:

Victory has been achieved in the UNISON led campaign to keep Burman House open. It will now be transformed into a specialist dementia residential care home with 30 beds.

Thanks to all 759 of you who signed the UNISON petition which was discussed with both Norfolk County Council and Norse Care. The hundreds who signed showed the support in the local community which we are certain contributed to this decision. To be frank, we have been overwhelmed by the strength of feeling from you the public, employees past and present as well as relatives of those who receive fantastic care at Burman House. That same strength of feeling – backed by the local Parish Council – forced Norfolk County Council and Norse Care to find a way to keep the home open.

I hope you can join me in applauding the excellent work done by UNISON members at all levels of Norse Care who have helped ensure that it is the only large care provider in England and Wales to have all its homes graded as ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’ by official inspectors. These brilliant levels of care made it even harder for the Council to force Norse Care to chase quick savings by closing Burman at the expense of staff, residents and their families.

Once again, thank you for signing our petition which has made a real difference.

Use the council's power to reverse the cuts to Norse Care's budget and withdraw the proposal to close Burman House. Act now to give worried elderly residents the assurance they won't be moved out of their home.

Why is this important?

Burman House Care Home in Norfolk provides a safe and loving home for 27 vulnerable elderly people. It has been rated "Good" for its last two CQC inspections. But residents and staff have been alarmed by suddenly announced plans to close the home.

The home is run by Norse Care, a well-rated care company that's owned by Norfolk County Council, and provides many local care services for the council.

The Council claim running costs for Burman House are too high, even though Norse Care have already delivered millions of pounds in savings across the business.

UNISON members working in home care at Burman House and nationwide believe the elderly people they support deserve quality care. Nobody in that situation should be uprooted from their families or local community in a forced move, or to suffer the trauma of an uncertain future.

Burman House's 30 well trained and qualified staff are delivering a vital service for the village of Terrington St John. Norfolk County Council should be valuing their commitment rather than putting them at risk of redundancy.

Reasons for signing

  • A family member spent his final years in Burman House. He received the best possible care, was comfortable, settled and happy. It is despicable to impose upheaval and distress on elderly people at a time when they most need to be looked after.
  • I have worked in this care home for 13 years. I love all who work here and all who live here. Please reward our hard work and commitment, keep our home open.
  • Vulnerable people once again bottom of the list when it comes to their well-being. This type of stress puts frail lives at risk. Shame on thise who support it.


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