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To: The Northern Ireland Executive

Redress the arts education deficit in Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland Executive support a publicly funded independent drama school to redress the deficit in arts education in Northern Ireland.

Why is this important?

Northern Ireland has always been treated as second class in terms of Funding to the Arts in comparison with the other nations in these Islands.

That treatment extends to Drama School education in that Northern Ireland is the only part of the UK and Ireland with no publicly funded independent Drama School or accredited institution for Actors, Stage Management and Directors.

As a Union, Equity is behind the campaign to put that deficit to rights by asking members to sign up to a petition for a fully funded Drama School, financed by the Department of Education and Learning through the Stormont Assembly and other sources, to create a centre of excellence for performers and others working in Theatre Film and Television.

Please sign the petition.

Northern Ireland

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Reasons for signing

  • The arts are important and deserve proper funding.
  • To allow others the opportunity to grow as artists at home!
  • Considering the huge interest and untapped talent(often for lack of financial resources) N Ireland is fully deserving of a drama-training institution capable of awarding fully professional qualifications on a par with other parts of the UK. This deficit needs to be addressed.


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