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To: Alison Brittain, Whitbread CEO

Premier Inn: Clean up your act

Premier Inn owners, Whitbread must stop exploitative employment practices, pay workers' wages for all the hours they work, and start treating them with respect. Let the union help get better treatment for Premier Inn staff.

Why is this important?

“We’re now all working six days a week with double shifts, back to back. Starting at 7am and finishing at 11pm day after day is really hard” - Premier Inn housekeeper

Channel 4's Dispatches programme: Undercover in Premier Inn (Monday 12 Feb) brought worker abuse at the hotel chain out into the open.

Staff there are not getting paid for all the hours they work. They’re pressured to work 16 hour days, six days a week. Breaks are unpaid. They’re pushed to hit punishing productivity targets.

This is exploitation, and it needs to stop.

Premier Inn's owner, Whitbread, is the UK’s biggest hospitality employer and FSTE 100 company. Last year it made £328m profit. Whitbread can well afford to pay hard-working hotel staff fairly and treat them better.

With 760 hotels across the UK, that is a lot of working people who need your support to tell Whitbread and Premier Inn to clean up their act.

They can start by abiding by their own human rights policy - allow the workforce access to join a union, and have a real voice at work. Recognising Unite would help them save their reputation.

Premier Inn workers in their own words…..

“I’m scared of being sacked if I don’t come in at short notice or work over my shift.”

“It’s awful. I’m paid under £9 an hour and I’m really struggling to pay my rent.”

“We were told not to talk about trade unions with each other so it’s hard to get people to do stuff because they feel so intimidated.”

Help Unite stop this exploitation. Please sign this petition to send Premier Inn the message that it must treat its workforce with respect.

Reasons for signing

  • Premier inn expects 16 hour days, they expect people to operate on 5 hours sleep, they expect unpaid work, I personally tried to save a mand life within our own carpark, unfortunately we failed and the gentleman passed away, the management didnt even ask how I felt. I rarely see my family as my shifts are so unsociable yet other staff members have very sociable shifts, the mental and emotional turmoil experienced if your face doesnt fit is extreme. I enjoy my job, but not the treatment.
  • Last year, Alison Brittain pocketed nearly GBP3.7 million from the sale of Costa Coffee, the company's coffee chain, to Coca-Cola for GBP3.9 billion. This brought her total pay to nearly GBP5.6 million. Alison, It's time to give back, it's time to pay the real living wage to your employees so that your shareholders can sleep at night.
  • exploitation on there staff, premier inn management have no respect for there workers, not payed the right hours we worked, because we are raceing against the clock to save them time, its called modern day slavery, premier inn have got more money you and me put together they are just greedy lot,


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