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To: Richard Hodgson, CEO Pizza Express

Pizza Express, stop pinching staff tips!

We won! Pizza Express will stop charging the 8% fee from next month. We need to monitor how it's actually implemented, but it's a victory for the Pizza Express workers and people power - Thanks to all who got involved!

Pizza Express, stop pinching staff tips!

Pizza Express is cheating staff of their fair tips. The 8% ‘admin fee’ it deducts from credit card tips should be scrapped with 100% of tips going to staff– no deductions, no excuses.

Why is this important?

Pizza Express rightly prides itself on bringing great pizza to Britain – 50 years ago this year. Today, with over 400 restaurants across the UK, business is booming.

We think you’ll agree that one of the keys to your success is your staff –friendly and hardworking they deserve to be treated with respect.

But many are questioning why Pizza Express is taking a slice of their tips. Most Pizza Express staff are paid the national minimum wage of £6.50 p/h – barely enough to survive on. They are heavily reliant on tips simply to make ends meet.

It’s why we are urging Pizza Express to scrap the 8% ‘admin fee’ it deducts from customer credit card tips simply to process them through the payroll. You claim not to profit from the fee, but our Pizza Express members estimate that the company could be pocketing a cool £1 million. It can’t cost that much to transfer credit card tips into workers’ pay packets.

We say that the only fair tips policy is one where 100% of customer tips go to the staff with no deductions by the employer. And the public agrees; backed up by two recent newspaper polls. In the Metro 92% of respondents said that 100% of tips should go to staff, in the Daily Telegraph 85% agreed.

There can be no excuses for your unfair tips policy. Very few of Pizza Express’ high street rivals charge a fee for processing credit card tips. The Restaurant Group, owners of Chiquito and Garfunkels, dropped its 10% ‘admin charge’ a few years ago. If they can do it, why can’t Pizza Express?

Act today to scrap the 8% admin fee on credit card tips. With Pizza Express celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, there really is no better time to show your staff you care. Until you do we will continue to call on customers to tip in cash.

Reasons for signing

  • Taking money meant for others amounts to theft
  • When people leave a tip, they expect it to go to staff, not to the restaurant. They are taking our money under false pretences.
  • It's only fair.


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Thank you! We’ve done it.
Pizza Express has today announced that it is to drop the 8% admin fee it takes from staff tips. It is a victory for our fair tips campaign.
We couldn’t have done it without your support. Today, we have shown that public pressure does make a difference.
The company has said that credit card tips will be distributed among staff in a manner agreed by an independent committee. At present, 70% in every £1 goes to the individual waiter and the rest to cleaners, chefs and other kitchen staff.
While we welcome the decision Unite will continue to monitor how the new policy is implemented to make sure that it is both fair and transparent.
But in the meantime, let’s enjoy the victory.
Have a read of our press statement here:
Have a read of what the Mirror has said:

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If you work for Pizza Express, your opinions will be really valuable to the campaign. Please could you take a moment to fill out this short online survey?
(If you don't work there, but know someone who does, please do pass this petition and the survey link on to them!)

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