To: Theresa May PM, all Party Leaders and Marcial Boo, IPSA Chief Executive

Parliament must clean up its act - recognise Unite, its workers’ trade union

Recognise Unite as the trade union of parliamentary researchers and staff across political parties. Work with the union to clean up employment practices at the Palace of Westminster.

Why is this important?

Sexual harassment and bullying makes the lives of workers a misery. Staff have a right to dignity at work, and Parliament must send a clear signal that it will clean up its act.

Unions help make workplaces safe and put power in the hands of staff. Recognising Unite in Parliament will give staff a powerful voice who will fight for them.

This week in Parliament, the Prime Minister met with Unite’s parliamentary and constituency branch. Now she, and all party leaders must call on IPSA to recognise the union of hundreds of staff.

Max Freedman, chair of Unite’s parliamentary and constituency branch said:
“The Prime Minister has agreed to consider the branch’s call for formal union recognition. Unite has emphasised the need for the voice of staff to be amplified in the discussion of new processes and in eliminating the culture of bullying and harassment.”

Parliament cannot set itself apart from other workplaces. It must provide a safe working environment for employees. It’s time to recognise Unite.

Reasons for signing

  • Workers need protection from - above all - the political elite.
  • I think this is a very important Issue in the Country and the workplace.
  • people should be seen for their abilities not their looks


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