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To: Paul Pomroy, CEO, McDonald's UK

McDonald's: Keep your staff safe from abusive customers

McDonald's: Keep your staff safe from abusive customers

Work with your staff's union to implement an abusive customers policy that protects McDonald's workers and ensures they are treated with the respect they deserve.

Why is this important?

You don't expect to face verbal or physical abuse, just for doing your job and serving customers. But too many staff working at McDonald's encounter just that. They often don’t know what they can do to report abuse by customers, or what rights they have to refuse to serve them.

As a volunteer union rep working at McDonald's, I've talked to colleagues who felt they have to suffer in silence. Local McDonald's managers don’t always support them as they should.

McDonald's needs to act to ensure their workers, who are low paid and often on insecure contracts, don't have to face the difficult situations they currently have to.

Our union has heard from one McDonald's worker who often works nights in the restaurant lobby. She told us how often she's groped and touched by drunk men. Another was surprised when she moved onto a different shift that she no longer got called a stupid c*** by customers every time she worked.

Workers at my store have been threatened with physical violence. Persistent bullying by customers can lead workers into depression and breakdowns.

Only by workers coming together and forming our union have we been able to change things so far.

It's not too late for McDonald’s to become a good employer.

They need to talk to Bfawu (the union for fast food workers) and implement a policy of zero tolerance for harassment at work. This means believing a worker when they say they have witnessed or suffered any form of abuse, violent, sexual, homophobic or racist. And it means acting to ban customers that behave in an abusive way to workers.

We know McDonalds value what their customers think about them.

Please add your support to the growing voice of McDonald’s workers as they stand up for dignity in work. A right that everyone deserves.

Note: If you’re a McDonalds staff member who has experienced abuse from customers, contact your nearest Bfawu office for advice on your rights:


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