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To: Chief Executive, Steve Rowe

M&S: Don’t keep your staff in the dark over massive cuts

Consult with your staff openly and honestly, through their union USDAW.

Why is this important?

Marks & Spencer announced that they’re planning a massive restructuring, closing 100 stores by 2022.

That potentially puts tens of thousands of jobs at risk. But workers still are in the dark as to whether or how long they will still have jobs. M&S are announcing closures in waves, and keeping staff at other branches in the dark. None of their 70,000 workers know if they’re safe.

That’s just cruel, and no way to treat their loyal workforce. Many have worked for them for years, providing the high standards of customer service that are a hallmark for the company.

Engaging honestly and openly with their staff from the outset could help the company plan better to save jobs and restructure more responsibly.

M&S need to move to fix this now:
• Enter into meaningful consultation with their staff through their union on the restructuring plan. Don’t keep workers in the dark about their futures.
• Give their staff an assurance that they will work with the union to minimise the impact of the restructuring on workers and jobs.

If you work at M&S and are worried about the closure plans, you can contact USDAW at

Reasons for signing

  • I'm a disgruntled employee. I won't bore you with the details but I feel like my store could do with a union so I came here looking into that. Then I saw this petition while I was here and remembered about all the store closures. Well it's not on is it? It's that sort of lack of transparency from head office which is why I'm on this page in the first place.
  • M&S need to engaged with their staff, who should all have the right to join a union.
  • Everyone should have the right to join and be represented by a trade union


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At yesterday's M&S Annual General Meeting, the company’s chairman told shareholders and journalists “this business is on a burning platform” and refused to rule out further store closures and job losses.

M&S management aren't treating their staff with the dignity and respect they deserve, leaving them to hear such devastating assessments of the business through the media. There's a clear breakdown in communications, the staff are not being properly consulted on the future of their jobs. They need to be properly represented an independent trade union, yet M&S still won't recognise Usdaw to negotiate on behalf of their thousands of members across the business.

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