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To: Warner Bros, Universal, Sony Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Paramount and Walt Disney

Give VFX professionals proper credit on the movies they help create

Ik Kan Vliegen / I Can Fly is a Dutch romantic comedy short film, with a fantasy twist which will be releasing at the Dutch Film Festival this September © Portal Pictures

Give every visual effects professional who works on your movie a mention in the credits.

Why is this important?

Imagine the Planet of the Apes without the apes, the Jungle Book with no jungle, or Transformers that don't transform? Visual effects artists bring our favourite movies to life.

For too long now, the film studios have been short-changing visual effects artists and facilities when it comes to recognising and recording the VFX artistry. Again and again, the big studios have refused to credit all of the people working on VFX for their films. Talented professionals go uncredited even though they may end up working for months or even years on these stunning and profitable films.

Often, less than half of the people who worked on the visual effects will get a mention in the credits - even on many VFX-led blockbusters. In this modern digital era of filmmaking, ensuring that everyone in vfx gets credited adds virtually nothing to the overall budget.

BECTU, the union for everyone working in visual effects is pushing for credit rights to be a mandatory part of new contracts.

Sign this petition and tell:
- Jim Gianopulos - Chair and CEO of Paramount Pictures,
- Anthony Vinciquerra - Chair and CEO of Sony Pictures,
- Donna Langley - Chair of Universal Pictures,
- Sean Bailey - President of Motion Picture Production, Walt Disney Pictures,
- Kevin Tsujihara - Chair and CEO, Warner Bros. Pictures
- Stacey Snider - Chair and CEO of 20th Century Fox

It's time for the big movie studios to give credit where credit's due and respect VFX artists.


2017-11-01 13:59:21 +0000

We're still working on this credits campaign (more info soon), but one thing that would really help VFX workers get the respect the deserve would be for more of them to be in a trade union, as you see in many other sections of the film and broadcast industries. If you work in VFX, check out the new project, an innovative Kickstarter style approach to building a UK VFX union, risk free, anonymous and with no cash up front. The project lasts until 10 November, so get your skates on and visit

2017-10-24 15:04:40 +0100

We've been to see Warner Bros about this today. Their film Fantastic Beasts credited less than half the Dneg workers who helped make it. Watch at

The petition goes on - Can you help build it and share it with your friends & colleagues? We've got 5 more studios to visit, and we're going to be pushing all of them to properly credit their VFX workers.

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