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To: Chancellor, Philip Hammond MP

Fully Fund our NHS

Fully Fund our NHS

The government should fully fund our NHS. Call on the Chancellor to use the Autumn Statement to provide fair and sustainable funding for health and social care.

Why is this important?

Our NHS faces the biggest financial crisis in a generation. Across the country, our NHS and social care services are facing financial crises as a result of an unprecedented squeeze on funding that is set to last until 2020 at the earliest.

Despite the best efforts of NHS staff this is beginning to affect patient care. From waiting lists to A&E, from cancer treatment to ambulance call out times, things have got progressively worse over the last 5 years.

Leaked evidence from the new NHS Sustainability and Transformation Plans hints that local closures and service rationing will result as the NHS struggles to find billions in savings imposed by the government’s funding squeeze.

The NHS needs to change. We need a more joined up service for patients from GP surgeries to hospitals through to community and mental healthcare. But this cannot happen on the cheap.

The NHS needs proper funding to enable it to meet the demands of our growing and changing population. And this is affordable. If we invested as much per head of population on our health services as France, Germany or the Netherlands, it would raise billions in additional funding that could make a genuine difference.

Ask the Chancellor to fully fund our NHS.

Reasons for signing

  • Time & again tory 'Haves' refused to fund a crumbling & unique NHS properly.90% of contracts in tory cronies hands at 3x real cost.Years of tory rule,destroying britain,selling everything off.For what?so the likes of osbourne's company pay's NO TAX for at least a decade,puts us into death-trap austerity,gives £50m to china's football referee's! what a joke.Cameron single handedly wrecked the union with europe. Get rid of these idiots before they sell off the rest of our lives.
  • One of the most important issues facing us and the truth need's to be faced that billions need to spent by way of taxing the wealthy and reducing the defence budget. Richard Dennis.
  • The Government has our money to fully fund public services such as the NHS, the fairest and most efficient method of providing healthcare that is free at the point of delivery. I'm aware I must play my part in paying my share of taxes to fund it. The government could boost its investment by delivering the £350 million promised by the Leave politicians, some of whom are in government, when we leave the EU and by cancelling pointless and dangerous Trident nuclear weapons.


2017-11-03 14:50:48 +0000

NHS will be £21 billion short by 2022. This huge funding gap means we’re likely to continue to see waiting times getting longer, patients suffer and staff be even more overstretched.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Right now, the Chancellor Philip Hammond is working on a budget for the year ahead. He can decide to give the NHS the money it needs. So no patients has to suffer because of cuts to the NHS.

Please ask your MP to call on the Chancellor to use this Budget to provide a fair and sustainable funding for the NHS.

2016-12-05 10:46:29 +0000

Thanks again for signing our petition with the NHS Support Federation, calling on Philip Hammond to commit to a financial reset for the NHS in his Autumn Statement.

We’ve delivered your signatures to him at the Treasury, and recorded this short video there.

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