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To: PACT, UK major motion picture studios’ representatives, British Film Council, BBC, Directors UK, ITV, Sky, British Screen, Advertising Producers Association, Channel 4

End long-hours culture in UK Film & TV Industries

Work with BECTU, the UK’s entertainment industry union, to establish a commission on the counterproductive long hours culture in the UK film and TV industries.

Why is this important?

Long-hours culture in film and tv bad for business, it affects safety and workers’ health and wellbeing.

BECTU is launching a detailed report, based on research among workers in the UK film and TV industry making the case about how the long-hours culture in this industry is damaging productivity and driving valuable skills out of a very important part of the UK economy.
By calling on industry bodies to work with the union and it’s members on this issue, we can build a stronger, healthier entertainment industry together.

“It's become standard practice and this obsessive culture of if you aren't putting in the hours, you aren't working hard enough. It's stupid and reckless and it's killing people. I do not wish for this to be standard practice.”

Reasons for signing

  • I work in the US, but have many friends working in the UK. For the most part I’m envious but then I hear about your long hours and minimal turn arounds and I’m so thankful that I have a union that obligates that I need to have a certain amount of rest before I can return.
  • This is the major reason I had to leave a career and the industry I loved. It was not doable with a young family and two working parents
  • The NUJ is concerned about news workloads - and encouraged members to take breaks on the longest day of the year - #longestlunch. As a member of a sibling creative sector union, I feel we must stand together to protect our immediate safety and our long-term health ... and make every possible use of legal measures in place to protect us all. The film and TV industry are a credit to the UK - but this shouldn't be at the cost of anyone's wellbeing.


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