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To: Members of Parliament

Don't cut a single workers' right when making new UK laws

Protect our rights at work

Commit publicly that you will not vote for any reduction in British workers' rights, or restrict their applicability, when interpreting EU law into post-Brexit UK law.

Why is this important?

Many vital rights at work in the UK are derived from EU law, guaranteeing things like paid leave entitlements, protections from being forced to work excessive hours, discrimination protections and rights for working mums to be.

Following the UK vote to leave the European Union, Parliament will decide what happens to these rights.

Prominent leave campaigners have called for a halving of regulations derived from EU law, or flexibility in interpreting rights, claiming that British business would benefit from a reduction in "red tape".

What they call "red tape" is really rights and protections that are valued by millions of working people. Attempts to cut these rights, or to limit the range of workers they apply to (for example exempting staff of small businesses or temporary workers), would cause great harm to fairness at work and to working people's living standards.

Bad bosses would waste no time in taking advantage, and over time we would all lose, as business joins in a race to the bottom.

We need to keep a close focus on our MPs as they start to debate what happens to our rights at work, and hold them to account, whether they backed leave or remain.

How it will be delivered

We will send this petition to all MPs, highlighting the number who have signed in their constituency, as well as the total. We will publish responses that we receive.

Reasons for signing

  • We still need our rights.
  • We all deserve and need these rights. Whatever our nationality, ethnicity, religion or gender. Without them we’re open to exploitation. We are the ones making our workplace organisations successful, by doing the work that the owners aren’t doing anymore and at levels they can’t do alone! Though we are human people with rights and not animals, slaves or machines. We deserve much better!!
  • Will not accept


2016-12-08 09:08:38 +0000

MPs from the cross-party Exiting the EU Select Committee yesterday heard evidence on how Brexit could affect the world of work, from the TUC’s Frances O’Grady as well as the CBI’s Carolyn Fairbairn and former BCC Director turned Brexit campaigner, John Longworth.

Frances was clear that whilst we've heard good words so far from the PM on rights after Brexit, we need to see guarantees, not promises (we've already seen some of those evaporate in recent months). More worrying was the way some Tory MPs were pushing to get business leaders to say which regulations they want to scrap, with John Longworth responding citing safety rules and the Working Time Directive, and claiming “opportunities for deregulation are legion”.

The campaign definitely goes on. We need to save our rights and stop us falling behind to become the bargain basement of Europe:

2016-07-01 07:58:05 +0100

Protecting workers' rights is just one of 33 things we think the government need to take immediate action on, to avoid a hit on the economy following Brexit meaning that working people will pay the price for leaving, in terms of jobs and living standards. You can read more about the TUC's action plan here:

2016-06-29 16:47:39 +0100

Boris Johnson is at least the bookies’ favourite to become the next Conservative Party Leader. He started to set out his ‘plans’ for how he'd handle our departure from the EU in an article in the Telegraph this week, saying: “the UK will extricate itself from the EU’s extraordinary and opaque system of legislation: the vast and growing corpus of law enacted by a European Court of Justice from which there can be no appeal.”

It's worth remembering that the legislation he has focused on most in the past few years has been those guaranteeing workers’ rights. He has said he'd like to scrap “all that social chapter stuff”. And most of the cases that “Britain” has lost at the European Court of Justice have actually been victories for British people, often against their employers. It all suggests that Johnson’s main target is not the economy, not immigration, but workers’ rights.

Read more at:

2016-06-27 14:54:10 +0100

Many people are asking what they can do next, after the UK voted to leave the European Union. The people have spoken, and we need to act to make the best of the situation now, as we face an immediate economic crisis (Britain fell from 5th to 6th in the rankings of world economies overnight). We also face the prospect of an even more right-wing government keen to take an axe to workers’ rights after negotiating withdrawal from the EU.

This petition is a part of that. We want to call our MPs out and make sure that those who DO want to cut back on workers’ rights can see there is no majority for it in Parliament. A practical step that will make things better.

In its first day, 10 thousand people signed it, and we want many more so that every MP gets hundreds of messages from their constituents. Please share it with your workmates, friends and family!

2016-06-25 17:21:44 +0100

10,000 signatures reached

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