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To: Transport for London

Keep Uber’s drivers and passengers safe

TfL has both the power and a statutory responsibility to ensure the safety of the public and private hire drivers. Their powers include the ability to apply conditions to operators’ licences when they consider applications to ensure the operator meets the proper health and safety standards.

That's what we are asking them to do. Don't renew Uber's 5 year licence without conditions making sure Uber play fair by drivers, passengers and London.

Why is this important?

Last year GMB won a landmark employment tribunal against Uber, which ruled that its drivers were not self-employed contractors but employed workers - and were therefore entitled to the national minimum wage, sickness and holiday pay.

This important case has major implications for more than 30,000 drivers across England and Wales. Many of our drivers are working long hours for less than national minimum wage in order to try and make ends meet. Drivers working excessive hours is bad for drivers, bad for passengers and bad for Londoners.

Uber refuses to accept they're an employer and has appealed. That means they still refuse to pay their drivers a living wage, give paid rest breaks or abide by laws that limit the number of hours they work. It's wrong for Uber not to live up to its responsibilities, and none of us wants worn-out drivers on our roads.

Transport for London (TfL) is in charge of renewing Uber’s 5 year license to operate in London, and they're going to make a decision on it this summer. Today, GMB, the union for Uber drivers, has called on TfL not to renew the license unless Uber guarantee safe working practices and basic employment rights.

Together we can remind TfL of their obligations to all Londoners and not just to Uber's powerful lobbyists. Sign the petition to tell TfL to keep Uber drivers and passengers safe.


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Reasons for signing

  • Uber's approach, exploiting drivers and preying on people's desire for cheap and easy solutions which ignore the hunan implications is morally bankrupt
  • we need to call a halt to this race to the bottom.
  • I strongly believe that everybody should be treated fairly and respectfully in every aspect of their life


2017-09-25 10:54:07 +0100

Thanks for everyone's help with this - We've had a big victory for drivers’ rights and passenger safety. Transport for London have turned down Uber’s licence application to operate in the capital. More information at

If you’re an Uber driver in London and worried about how this decision will affect you, please contact the GMB Pro Drivers’ branch for advice. Remember you are a licensed PH driver and can take that licence to another more responsible operator. For contact info see

2017-05-31 13:09:06 +0100

UPDATE: We've updated this petition a bit, as things have developed since we started it. TFL decided ahead of their meeting that rather than relicense Uber for 5 years, they'd issue a temporary license for just 4 months, whilst they decide what do do. This is encouraging, meaning TfL are taking the decision seriously rather than waving it through. They'll decide at some point over the summer on the new licence, and whether to impose conditions that would make Uber play fair by their drivers, passengers and London.

Please help keep up the pressure by sharing this petition and helping to grow it. GMB will keep on engaging with TfL to make the case for Uber drivers' rights.

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