To: Minister for the Cabinet Office, David Lidington

Champion fair pay for civil servants

The FDA is calling on the Minister for the Cabinet Office, David Lidington, to be the civil service’s champion.

We are asking him to stand up for civil servants, and to demand recognition for their hard-work, their creativity, and their ability to keep the nation running.

Why is this important?

Ministers across the government are fighting for their public sector workers. It’s time for the civil service to have its own champion.

The Government has officially lifted the public sector 1% pay cap, yet FDA members have been left barely better off.

In other areas, we have seen action and results. Ministers have fought for better departmental staff pay rises, and won. However, civil servants have been left behind with employers adopting civil service pay remit guidelines and awarding below-inflation 1.5% raises.

Cabinet Secretary Mark Sedwill has described the civil service as “brilliant.” But what is this brilliance worth?

Recent discoveries show that the SCS’s pay gap is widening. When can these employees expect fair and equal reward?

Join our call, and ask David Lidington to speak up for hardworking civil servants.

Reasons for signing

  • I am having to contemplate jobs outside of the civil service as years of below inflation increases are constantly putting financial pressures on me, such as ever increasing commuter fares, At the moment I am spending a third of my salary on commuting, a proportion that increases each year.
  • The number of staff reduces but the work increases. It is hard to stay professional in an environment when we are not being backed by those who should.
  • I'm tired of this "rush to the bottom" mentality. Why shouldn't the Civil Service be trying to recruit and retain the best people by paying them accordingly? Sadly, the arguments about public service being its own reward seem to be hanging around when they were ditched long ago (quite rightly) for nurses, doctors, teachers and the emergency services.


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