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To: Ian Pritchard, Acting Chief Executive at Alternative Futures Group

Care At Night, Pay Us Right!

AFG need to scrap their plan to remove top-up payments for sleep-in shifts. Pay all staff at least the National Minimum Wage for ALL shifts including sleep-in shifts.

Why is this important?

AFG are planning to remove top-up payments for staff working sleep-in shifts from January 2019. This will amount to a loss of up to £90 per week for AFG’s dedicated care workers, this means that we could stand to lose up to £4500 per year.

AFG staff work incredibly hard to deliver top quality care, day and night, and this includes so-called “sleep-in” shifts. When we work sleep-ins, we will often be up throughout the night delivering care, spending the night away from our own homes and families.

Currently, AFG pays a flat rate for sleep-in shifts which averages out at below the National Minimum Wage per hour, but to ensure that their staff are not paid below the minimum wage, they pay top-up payments to lift our average hourly rate above the legal minimum. AFG have now laid out plans to scrap these top up payments from January 2019. This will leave us struggling to make ends meet.

UNISON members working for AFG want to deliver quality care, but we believe that we deserve to be paid fairly for our hard work. Please sign this petition calling on AFG to keep top-up payments for sleep-in shifts.

Reasons for signing

  • I have signed because l feel care workers should be paid a decent pay we work 12.5 shifts plus sleep in duty then another 12.5 shift following day in one week you can be out of your own home for several days .this can also have a impact on our own lives.and it seems the more committed we are the less we are thought of.any cuts to be made we have to take the cuts this is not fair and think we deserve more respect
  • I believe one should be paid at least the minimum wage when one is at work.
  • If they can't pay their staff fairly they should get out of the care business. But in meanwhile deduct 3months wages from the idiots who thought up this idea.


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