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To: Ian Pritchard, Acting Chief Executive at Alternative Futures Group

Care At Night, Pay Us Right!

We are calling upon AFG to urgently REINSTATE a National Living Wage for sleep-ins.

Why is this important?

AFG have cut pay for sleep-ins so we are no longer being paid the minimum wage for sleep-in shifts. Support Workers in some areas are receiving less than £50 for a shift of up to 11 hours (just £4.50 per hour). Councils say they are paying AFG enough and they are not happy that AFG is taking 28% out of taxpayers’ money instead of giving it to staff!

We work hard to provide care for the most vulnerable in society –but why don’t AFG care about us?

Please sign below to support our campaign!

Reasons for signing

  • Because we do not get paid enough regardless of the time of day. Absolute slave labour
  • People who have to give their time to employers should be paid properly. there are many unscrupulous employers who take advantage of the law as it stands. The Mencap decision is WRONG and all reasonable people know that
  • I signed because I’m concerned with the carers whom dedicate their care and commitment to the vulnerable people.


2019-04-03 17:07:45 +0100

Our fighting fund will mean we can keep our campaign going for as long as it takes. Please share our page wherever you can:

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