To: Graeme Grieve -Managing Director BMW Group UK and Ireland

BMW play fair by British workers – no pensions robbery

We, the undersigned back BMW workers at Rolls Royce and Mini and their union Unite’s fight to save their pensions.

These workers have done the right thing. They have saved all through their working lives so that they can retire in dignity and security, but now face losing as much as £140,000 over the course of their retirement because of BMW’s plans to close their final salary pension.

BMW’s attacks on their pensions are unjust. This is a company that has made record profits of approximately £6 billion – it can well afford to honour its promises to these workers.

We call on BMW to play fair by UK workers. They have helped make this company the successful, wealthy global brand that it is today. They deserve justice – and their full pension – in return.

Why is this important?

BMW group is seeking to rob its UK workers of their hard earned retirement income by closing their final salary pension scheme.

The proposed closure of the defined benefit pension scheme by 31 May 2017 could result in car workers making the iconic Mini and Rolls-Royce motor cars losing as much as £140,000 over the course of their retirement.

BMW’s UK workforce is world class making over 260,000 Minis and record numbers of Rolls Royce motor cars in the last year. Their hard work and efficiency has contributed hugely to BMW’s record breaking profits of approximately £6 billion, enabling the carmaker to lavish nearly £2 billion of dividends on shareholders.

Yet BMW wants to reward this hard work by back tracking on past pension promises. This is deferred pay, money which BMW’s UK workforce has worked hard for to provide for a decent income on retirement for themselves and their families.

With more and more highly profitable companies pleading poverty and looking to duck their pension promises, BMW workers are saying enough is enough.

Reasons for signing

  • A company that makes record profits of £6billion and then wants to make more by robbing their employees of the pensions they have worked hard for is not just an utter disgrace it also immoral and very very wrong. BMW shame on you.
  • I have stayed loyal to BMW for 17 years. Had opportunities to move for more salary over the years. A company that has made nearly 6 billion net profit and shareholder dividends right up. A kick right between the legs!!! German workers not affected again . Disgraceful , from a so called prestigious company who portrays a good employer/ employee relationship. Totally incensed and worried now for my future.
  • I have stayed loyal to the Oxford plant with Rover and latterly BMW because, of the very good pensions scheme (golden handcuffs). On a number of occasions opportunity's to move to jobs with better pay and future pay increases have been turned down because of the final salary scheme and the security of my family in our later years. This is now being taken away by a company that is making record profits year on year.


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