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To: Theresa May

Ban zero-hours contracts

We need an outright ban on zero-hours contracts.

Too many workers are being denied job security, sick pay and holiday pay - and insecure work is out of control.

Why is this important?

Every worker should have the right to a contract that guarantees the hours they work and the conditions they need for a decent working life.

Too often zero-hours contracts are being used to exploit workers. Hours are never guaranteed, making financial planning impossible and anxiety inevitable.

Workers' on zero-hours contracts are denied sick and holiday pay. If something goes wrong, there is no safety net.

And there needs to be action to reduce other forms of insecure work that makes workers' lives a misery.

And zero-hours contracts are only one part of the problem of insecure work in the UK. From bogus self-employment to underpaying agency workers, TUC research shows that 1 in 9 workers – at least 3.8 million – are now trapped in some form of insecure work.

If ministers are serious about building a country that works for everyone, they must act now to ensure every worker gets fair pay, decent rights and a voice at work.

Reasons for signing

  • Why should I worry from one month to the next if I can afford my rent and bills and make sure I can eat. No, jumping from one job to another is financially easy for me to do. I don't have the funds to maintain my home and bills in the transition.
  • This is exploitative purely to increase profit for the companies involved. It uses fear to motivate the workforce and robs them of pride in the work.
  • Please sign this one, too, folks, I'll admit that zero hours contracts work for a select few but in the vast majority of cases they are purely for company profit at the expense of workers' rights.


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